Wet’suwet’en solidarity from home

Wet’suwet’en land defenders are being criminalized, invaded by the RCMP and LNG. We can not pretend to be climate activists without raising hell to stop this.

A lot of resources have been put out to explain the situation in Wet’suwet’en and calls for international solidarity are available online. I will include such resources at the end, but this morning I am offering to those who can not make it to the rallies around the country to take time to join the fight.

Make no mistake, taking the streets and (if you have the privilege to do so safely especially) getting arrested is much more impactful. However, for those who are sitting at a desk or must remain at home today, I invite you to join me in highlighting the voices of those on the front lines.

The plan for me is to give you the numbers and emails of Liberal MPs so that their offices are flooded with stories about what is happening. I am also hoping to share with you potential talking points that, as settler allies, we could use.

When you call or email, talk about:

  • Your strong disapproval of the LNG (liquified natural gas) project in its entirety
  • The fact that the UN called out Canada for this project and its deeply racist component
  • Your strong fear for the Indigenous Youth in BC that have been arrested for peacefully protesting in solidarity with Wet’suwet’en people
  • Your fear and horror at the criminalization of land defenders, and your request that the RCMP get off Wet’suwet’en territory
  • You can include pictures from social media, like @seedingsovereignty on instagram
  • Our demands are their demands: here is an example of the Fridays for Future Solidarity statement that can guide you in echoing the demands of the Hereditary Chiefs.

You can ask them questions like “Do you know about the project? Do you realize why it is racist? Do you see how it is impossible to have ‘Reconciliation’ with such a project?”

Who to contact:

Contact yours directly: https://secure.canadians.org/page/54774/action/1?ea.url.id=4530506&forwarded=true

Justin Trudeau
514–277–6020 or 613–995–0253

Chrystia Freelend
416–928–1451 or 613–992–5234

Lawrence MacAulay
902–838–4139 or 613–995–9325

Carolyn Bennett
416–952–3990 or 613–995–9666
(Especially important!)

Dominic LeBlanc
506–533–5700 or 613–992–1020

Bill Morneau
416–972–9749 or 613–992–1377

Catherine McKenna
613–946–8682 or 613–996–5322

Maryam Monself
705–745–2108 or 613–995–6411

Bardish Chagger
519–746–1573 or 613–996–5928

and more: https://www.ourcommons.ca/members/en/ministries

Finally, I will update this article throughout the day with reactions and responses I obtained.

PLEASE COMMENT MORE LINKS AND TALKING POINTS, as well as responses you get. I will check and delete any fake news from the comments.


Documentary: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D3R5Uy5O_Ds

Supporter toolkit: https://unistoten.camp/supportertoolkit2020/

Understanding the criminalization happening: https://www.theglobeandmail.com/opinion/article-no-those-who-defend-the-wetsuweten-territory-are-not-criminals/

The youth getting arrested for this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=biuzCoBOuK4

Climate Justice Activist originally from South of France, now a settler in Toronto . Organizer with Fridays for Future Toronto.

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