Release: Australian fires and Canadian Pipelines,

Toronto Youth Will Not Be Silent Witnesses

The world is, once again, going up in flames. Australian fires are a brutal reminder of what could come next: us versus nature, chaos versus our stability. And at the time where we need more solidarity, more government action and more progressive thinking, our government at home is still punishing Indigenous Land Defenders for their resistance to yet another extractive project. This is unacceptable.

The Toronto Youth has been striking for over a year. We have been showing up weekly to Queens Park, have attracted tens of thousands to the streets, have interrupted traffic and meetings in the name of our shared, and for now compromised, future. And yet, we cannot rest. Our governments, at all levels, are not responding adequately to the imminent catastrophe that awaits us.

Therefore, in coordination with the rest of the world, the Toronto Youth will be striking again in the Spring. The date for Toronto’s strike will be May 1st, closing the month-long global mobilization that is planned for April. Thousands are already expected, including students, faculty, labour and other allies from all walks of life.

As our teachers go on strike this week, we express our solidarity with their struggle. Teaching is a green job, and in order to face the climate crisis we will need youth that are ready to face future challenges. Those opposing climate action also oppose good working conditions for teachers, because an educated population is one that will question the system that has lead us to this crisis.

The rally will start at Queens Park at noon on May 1st, as part of a global climate strike.

On behalf of Fridays For Future Toronto

Climate Justice Activist originally from South of France, now a settler in Toronto . Organizer with Fridays for Future Toronto.

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