“Hi, my name is Aliénor, and I’m the coordinator of the group”
“Great, and are you also the founder?
I sigh.
“Yes, I’m also the founder. Well, the co-founder, I would say. But why does it matter?”
“It just does.”

I have been introducing myself a lot lately for graduate school applications and potential jobs, and came to the realization that our society is suffering from what I like to call founder-phoria, an unhealthy obsession with founders.

This had never occurred to me before, as I was focused on ‘selling’ a cause through my personal story when speaking to the…

Re-posting from Canada Files!

“Raise your hand if you’ve heard the word eco-terrorist before,” I asked the audience of a conference on climate change.

Many hands, most actually, rose up.

I ask another question, “Now raise your hand if you’ve heard of ecocide?” Less hands.

“Green crime?” I tried again. Less than ten hands are up.

This is the story, told before, of the collusion between government, corporations and mainstream media to criminalize those who defend life and land. …

Wet’suwet’en land defenders are being criminalized, invaded by the RCMP and LNG. We can not pretend to be climate activists without raising hell to stop this.

A lot of resources have been put out to explain the situation in Wet’suwet’en and calls for international solidarity are available online. I will include such resources at the end, but this morning I am offering to those who can not make it to the rallies around the country to take time to join the fight.

Make no mistake, taking the streets and (if you have the privilege to do so safely especially) getting arrested is much more impactful. …

Toronto Youth Will Not Be Silent Witnesses

The world is, once again, going up in flames. Australian fires are a brutal reminder of what could come next: us versus nature, chaos versus our stability. And at the time where we need more solidarity, more government action and more progressive thinking, our government at home is still punishing Indigenous Land Defenders for their resistance to yet another extractive project. This is unacceptable.

The Toronto Youth has been striking for over a year. We have been showing up weekly to Queens Park, have attracted tens of thousands to the streets, have interrupted…

When you think of your 20s, what comes to mind? For me, it will be the threat of human extinction.

On Monday June 17th, the Canadian federal government declared a climate emergency. For the young people striking for climate every Friday since the beginning of the year, it was like a dream come true….

But the honeymoon was short. Less than a day later, that same government approved a pipeline project which will enable more oil extraction, transportation and consumption than we should allow given our international commitments. Needless to say, all Canadian youth strikers demanding climate action realized it was not yet our time to get back to our regular student lives.

As our last Toronto rally of the…

Allie Rougeot

Climate Justice Activist originally from South of France, now a settler in Toronto . Organizer with Fridays for Future Toronto.

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